The Passion Cast: Few People Know What Jim Caviezel Had to Endure

The Passion cast

When it first released in 2004, The Passion of The Christ stunned audiences with its brutal tale of Jesus’ love for us.

Despite the vicious imagery and harsh subject matter, the film’s message shone through, generating tons of buzz and earning the film a worldwide gross of $611, 899,420.

Yet the film wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without its star, Jim Caviezel, who portrayed God’s beloved son.

While many have seen the beauty and pain Caviezel portrayed, few know the harrowing story of what he endured throughout the filmmaking process.

Read on to learn more about The Passion Cast star Jim Caviezel and his experience making the most important Christian film of all time.

Personal Doubt

Audiences weren’t the only ones skeptical when Mel Gibson announced Jim Caviezel’s participation in the film.

While the actor had accrued a strong list of credits already with feature roles in movies like Pay It Forward, The Rock, and Wyatt Earp, it was quite clear from the get-go that this role would be his most challenging yet.

In an interview with CBN, Caviezel details how he himself didn’t think he was the right man for the job.

He states that it was ultimately his strong relationship with God that brought him into the production. Through hours of prayer and asking for strength, Caviezel came to a realization.

He claims he didn’t want people to see him on the screen, but Jesus Himself. We don’t know about you, but we think he was quite successful.

Intense Physical Trauma

If you thought the mental trauma Caviezel endured, both from himself and the public, was tough, it gets harder.

Before filming, the actor went through a rigorous diet and exercise program where he lost an immense amount of weight.

But that pales in comparison to the injuries he sustained during filming.
An actor playing a Roman torturer accidentally lashed Caviezel so hard that he sustained a 14-inch gash on his back.

Additionally, he dislocated his bones while carrying the cross, and nearly succumbed to hypothermia.

He was even struck by lightning during a recreation of the Sermon on the Mount!

Rejection From Society

Both Caviezel and leader of The Passion Cast, director Mel Gibson, went into production knowing Hollywood may shun them.

And, in Caviezel’s case, it seems he was right. While he’s gone on to act in several films, his career never quite saw the success it deserves.

It’s more than worth it, according to the actor. Caviezel is still strong in his faith and steadfast in knowing he brought God’s message to millions across the globe.

Jim Caveziel: Star of The Passion Cast

It’s astounding how much physical and mental torment Jim Caviezel went through during the filming of The Passion,

Yet if rumors are to be believed, he’s ready to do it all again, potentially teaming with Mel Gibson for a sequel.

What do you think? Are you excited to see The Passion cast return to the big screen?

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