Is Alice Cooper Christian? This Is How His Faith Saved Him

alice cooper christian

In the 1960s, an era where many Americans strived for the American dream, Vincent Furnier, noticed hypocrisy all around him.

In response, he, along with a few friends, created a persona that would shock the nation. Alice Cooper was everything that a good Christian would fear.

With classics like “School’s Out” and the morbid yet poignant ballad “Only Women Bleed,” Cooper’s unique brand of music introduced the masses to shock rock, with many concerts leading up to a fake beheading.

In essence, an Alice Cooper show is like a b-grade horror film come to life.
Maybe that’s why so many were surprised when the dark-dwelling Alice revealed that he is, in fact, a born-again Christian.

So what is an Alice Cooper Christian and how did it save this talented musician from an early death? Read on to find out!

Welcome To His Nightmare

Cooper’s act was a hit from the very beginning. Young fans around the world would flock to arenas to watch Alice and his titular band act out the depraved imagery associated with their music.

It was fun, yes, but it was also quite dark. While Alice Cooper served as Furnier’s alter ego, he admits that eventually, Alice started to take over.

Soon, Cooper began to turn to drugs and alcohol to keep up with his busy schedule.

After a brief stint in a sanitarium (which inspired most of the tracks from “Welcome To My Nightmare”) it seemed like Alice had kicked the habit.

But one fateful night, Alice had a single sip of his wife’s wine at dinner. At just like that, all of his hard work and sobriety was gone.

Addiction was, in fact, back with a vengeance.

In fact, Cooper’s addiction was so bad, that he’s deemed the trilogy of albums he put out between 1981 and 1983 as the “blackout trilogy” as he has no recollection of writing or recording any of the three albums.

If it hadn’t been for the love of his wife and daughter, who helped turn him to God, we very likely would’ve lost Alice Cooper.

What Does Being An Alice Cooper Christian Mean?

All of this begs the question: what does being an Alice Cooper Christian mean?

In short, it means accepting both the light and the dark. While Cooper’s faith is a massive part of his life, he still regularly performs all around the globe.

In recent years, his music has taken a notably lighter approach. It’s still quite heavy, especially albums like “Brutal Planet” and “Dragontown,” but much of Cooper’s music now serves as an allegory.

According to the frontman himself, Alice Cooper isn’t someone to look up to. He’s an example of what happens when greed and gluttony take over our lives and we turn away from God.

But more importantly, the famed singer uses his performances to give glory to God who saved him from an empty life of substance abuse.

Final Thoughts On Being An Alice Cooper Christian

None of us are perfect. But the life of Alice Cooper proves that God can use anyone of any background to bring His word to the masses.

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