Our current world poses many challenges for parents. These include cell phones, the internet, bullying, oversexualized culture, substance abuse, and others. Using biblical parental guidance can help you raise responsible adults.

Research shows parents agree on the traits their children should have. These include hard work, helping others, being well-mannered, and independent. Other traits include creativity, empathy, persistence, and religious faith.

Yet, the one thing every parent wanted most was to raise responsible children. To accomplish this, parents need to quit doing certain things for their kids.

Keep reading to learn which ones.

Parental Guidance Tips for Raising Responsible Kids

Nowadays, it’s common to encounter immature adults. They have temper tantrums, blame others, and run to their parents to solve their problems.

How can parents prevent this from happening to their kids?

Here are some things you should stop doing for your kids:

1.) Delivering Forgotten Items

Delivering your child’s forgotten items makes them irresponsible. Their forgetfulness is due to poor planning. In future, they’ll forget their passports, office tags, or crucial documents as adults.

Allow them to understand the result of their forgetfulness. This will make them more conscious of what they need to carry.

2.) Stop Washing Their Clothes

Children have it easy. Their parents do all their laundry, ironing, and folding. Once they are old enough to operate a washing machine, show them how to do their own laundry.

If you want to do it, that’s up to you. But your kids should not believe they can dump their dirty clothes for you to wash.

3.) Stop Rushing to Save Them

Since kids tend to be experts at procrastinating, there’s a high chance you’ll end up rushing to save them. This subconsciously tells them there’s always a backup plan: YOU.

Teach them how to make plans and complete their goals. They should know when their pending assignments are due. Moreover, they should tell you early if some of those assignments need supplies.

Otherwise, you’ll be making last minute trips to the store. You’ll get angry, frustrated, and tired. It’s not your fault, so why should you suffer for it?

4.) Stop Waking Them Up Daily

From when they were small, you’d wake them up and help them get ready for breakfast. As they grow older, though, they should get up on their own. That’s what alarm clocks are for.

After a couple of days getting late or missing breakfast, they’ll realize the importance of waking up on time.

5.) Stop Meddling in their Studies

Parents are often afraid their child’s grades might reflect badly on them. But those grades are not yours. Let your child earn what he or she works for.

Let them know they are responsible for their results. Yet, check their grades once in a while to be sure they are heading in the right direction. Also, allow teachers the space to do their job without undermining them.

6.) Stop Allowing Cellphone Abuse

As kids get older, they will insist on having a smartphone. The key, however, is to set guidelines. Quit letting them guilt you into letting them use their phones unilaterally.

The secular world exposes children to knowledge and dangers that is well beyond their years. The Bible offers a counterbalance through informative verses. Biblical verses give show young people how to discern what they should or shouldn’t do.

Kirk and Chelsea Cameron also offer a new online course called “Engage” that takes a deeper dive to understanding the problems and solutions to tech and social media along with practical next steps that can apply immediately.

7.) Stop Preparing Their Breakfast & Lunch

Prepare meals together with your kids in their early years. As they get older, they’ll know what they should or should not eat. Your only job will be to put the ingredients in the kitchen and let them decide what to carry.

Plus, they can experiment and learn more about their food preferences.

8.) Stop Filling Out Their School Paperwork

If you are always the one filling out your kid’s forms, stop it today! They need to be accountable. In future, they’ll need to fill out college, bank, and job applications. Best to let them start doing it themselves.

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The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (KJV)”. The tips above will help you in this quest.

Remember, parental guidance is not about controlling your children. It is about giving them the tools to cope in the current world. And as they continue tackling various issues, they will become mature and responsible.

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