When you think of Ozzy Osbourne, one of the last words that come to mind is “reverent.” The heavy metal singer has built a reputation as being someone who thrives on controversy, both on and off-stage.

While he has become older, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee he’s become more respectful of institutions such as Christianity.

Therefore, news of Ozzy visiting the Ark Encounter at the Creation Museum in Kentucky seemed like an opportunity for him to be as disrespectful as possible.

However, rather than using this as an opportunity to insult the beliefs of Christians worldwide, Ozzy was instead quite respectful.

A Bonding Experience

Visiting the Ark Encounter with his son Jack (who also appeared with Ozzy on the reality series, “The Osbournes”) for their new reality series, “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour,” Ozzy showed the utmost respect.

While curators of the museum were understandably concerned were asked about the Osbournes film at the museum, their fears were lessened by being promised that it would not be an attack on Christianity.

Instead, Ozzy and his son would use it as an opportunity to open their minds. This would be a way to show how much power Christianity could have, particularly towards acceptance of people who might not adhere to the faith.


The rocker father and his son indeed got a lot out of the experience. As they toured the Ark Encounter, an incredible replica of Noah’s Ark as based in the Book of Genesis, the Osbournes got a firsthand experience in how powerful God’s grace is and how much he inspired those who had faith in him.

Photo By AnswersinGenesis.org

Ozzy and Jack were both awe-inspired by the replica, commenting on how incredible it’s size was. It truly speaks to how much power can be felt by an example of faith that’s as undying as the one between Noah and God.

Show of Respect

Ozzy and Jack’s visit was spoken of well by the staff of the museum. According to personnel of the Creation Museum, they were very complimentary towards the museum.

Ken Ham, the museum’s founder, tweeted about how the experience went well for the Osbournes and the museum as a whole. Even though the Osbournes might not have been completely pious during their visit, they still did well for people with less exposure to Christianity.

They also had some moments of good-natured fun, like when Jack speculated that the tiny arms of a T-Rex allowed Noah to keep them reined in on the ark.

An Amazing Experience

The visit to the Ark Encounter might just be one of many that Ozzy and Jack make, but it’s such a breathtaking experience, that we have a good feeling it will stick with them for a while.

Photo By AnswersinGenesis.org

It might have been something that they thought would just be for some fun, but based on their reaction to it, the Ark Encounter might have astounded them in a way they weren’t expecting it to.

Based on what the staff said, it seems that the Osbournes were very impressed by what they saw. A return visit might not be out of the cars.

Practicing Our Faith

Experiences like the ones the Osbournes had at the Ark Encounter are greatly important for the Christian faith.

As Christians, it’s imperative that we spread the gospel of Christ in a way that shows love for all people, even those who might not have shown proper respect to the faith.

In the past, Ozzy might have acted in a way that was disrespectful to Christianity. We can be offended by his actions, but we also need to be willing to forgive and embrace those who are willing to learn about the ministry of God.

Being Open and Kind

Looking forward, Osbourne may or may not be coming devoted to the word of God and Jesus Christ. However, this experience at the Ark Encounter was surely one that has affected him in some way.

He was clearly captivated by the ark and this could go a long way. For Christians, it’s more than just the size of the ark. It’s also how much passion went into the construction as part of the covenant between God and Noah. As Christians, we are aware of this. It’s up to us to spread the gospel as best as we possibly can.

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