Shocking video footage shows a modern day miracle that occurred when a woman and a lion met in Columbia.

The lion, named Jupiter, was rescued from a travelling circus by the woman in the video, Ana Julia Torres.

When he was rescued, Jupiter was malnourished and on the brink of death as a result of years of abuse. Torres took him to her shelter, The Villa Lorena, where he was rehabilitated and given a loving home.

Six years later, the woman returned to visit Jupiter in his new home. The lion instantly lunged towards her, in what could be mistaken for a predatory move. Much to our surprise, the lion jumped up to hug her through the bars of his cage!

He hadn’t forgotten his savior and the bond between them is still as strong as ever.

According to Proverbs 30:30, the lion is the “mightiest among beasts and does not turn his back before any”. Clearly, he hadn’t turned his back towards the woman who saved him.

Incredible Facts About Lions

Lions don’t usually show such warm, loving behavior towards humans. These fierce, dangerous and majestic creatures are both feared and admired. Read on to learn some amazing facts about these animals.

The Females Are the Hunters

While males do help with the hunting, lionesses are responsible for catching most of the prey for their pride.

Hunting usually takes place at dusk, as lions spend most of the day resting and sleeping.

When they do hunt, they tend to target zebras, buffaloes and wildebeests. They also hunt antelopes and gazelles. However, these are faster and more agile, and therefore more difficult to catch.

Lions have also been known to eat young elephants, giraffes and even rhinos.

They Are Social Creatures

The social behavior of lions is fascinating.

A pride generally consists of a group of female lions and their offspring, joined by a few male lions from elsewhere. Female lions stay together for life. However, males may only reside with one pride for a few years before moving on to a new one.

Mothers work together to care for all of the cubs in the pride, nursing each other’s cubs and watching over them.

They Don’t Live in the Jungle

While the lion is known as the ‘king of the jungle’, it doesn’t usually live there.

Instead, lions inhabit grasslands and plains. Nearly all of the lions in the world live in sub-Saharan Africa.

They Have the Loudest Roar of Any Big Cat Species

A lion’s roar can travel over spectacularly long distances. In fact, it can even be heard from up to five miles away.

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Compassion should be shown to all animals, even the fiercest ones. After all, each one is a beautiful creation from God.

Jupiter isn’t the only animal to show surprising behavior after being saved from cruelty. In another modern day miracle, a bull also had an incredible reaction after being released from chains.

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