Anyone that has heard Celine Dion sing “The Prayer” on youtube knows that it is a beautiful piece which features a separate male and female vocal performance.

It is a hard song to sing even for the most talented vocalists, but Marcelito Pomoy defies expectations.

Pomoy surprisingly sings a version of “The Prayer” in which he performs both the male and female parts of the song. A video of his rendition is going viral.

From Adoption to Adoration

Pomoy has a very distinct talent. He is able to sing in both the soprano and tenor ranges. This is what he does in “The Prayer” and hearing Pomoy’s smooth and powerful voice will leave many listeners with chills.

The backstory of Marcelito Pomoy is also very fascinating. He was adopted by a police officer and was given a chance at a life where he could reach his full potential.

Marcelito began singing at a young age but did not discover his vast vocal range until he was older. The discovery helped him to win Season Two of Pilipinas Got Talent.

Marcelito Pomoy’s Vocal Masterpiece

The young singer released two albums following his life-changing win on the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent. His music career has exploded and Marcelito is one of the top singers in the world.

You can experience the joy of listening to Marcelito Pomoy’s dual range voice when you watch the video that so many people are talking about.

Close your eyes as you listen to Pomoy make the change between the male and female parts of the song. He does it so effortlessly and with such vocal purity.

Moments like this are ones to be savored by those who appreciate fine music. This performance cannot be described as anything other than a masterpiece.

It transcends music to become art.

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