The powerful and awe inspiring story of Paul the Apostle is portrayed by the new movie coming out March 28, 2018 in theaters nationwide.

Theater patrons can expect that this movie, “Paul, Apostle of Christ” accurately depicts scripture from the book of Acts and other selected scriptures.

Director Andrew Hyatt explains that vigorous study of the scripture with the bible being the sole source material makes this movie a “must see” for everyone.

The Cast

Jim Caviezel, best known for his leading role as Jesus in the 2004 “Passion of the Christ” film, is Luke. Luke is a physician by trade and provides a gentile view of the birth of Christianity.

Luke also provides Paul with needed support in the opening scene. James Faulker portrays the Apostle Paul. He is best known for his role in “Game of Thrones.” Oliver Martinez, Joanne Whalley and John Lynch round out the cast of this movie.

The Themes

Nero’s persecution of the Christians is one of the underlying themes. It is Paul’s transformation from a high ranking religious officer named Saul to a zealot for Christ named Paul that cements this movie’s theme.

It also sets the movie’s tone and pace. The interwoven themes of redemption and survival resonate with clarity and carry messages that are extremely relevant to our time.

The Transformation

Jim Caviezel explains that the transformation Saul received on the road to Damascus provided a lifeline for spreading the Good News.

“The survival of Christianity rests on just a couple of people,” Caviezel said in the Christian Post interview.

He went on to say that even the meaning of Saul and Paul reflected this great change. Saul means “great one” and Paul means “little one.”

Paul’s transformation from a blood thirsty persecutor of new Christians to the soul saving messenger of God’s grace is remarkable.

This movie accurately depicts the struggles the early Christians had and gives valuable life lessons in Christian living.

His letters to the early church inspired many to spread God’s word everywhere.

The Location

The movie was filmed in Malta, a Mediterranean island country nestled between Sicily and the North African coast. This location is perfect because the archipelago has some of the characteristics that biblical scholars and others expect in a biblical based movie.

Producers David Zelon and Terence Berden have teamed up to create this masterpiece. The film is being released under AFFIRM films, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. Giving films is also associated with this film. They are an ODB production company in association with Mandalay Pictures.

Zelon’s expert production credits include “Soul Surfer“, a movie about a teen who lost her arm in a surfing accident. Berden’s production and Hyatt’s writing of “Full of Grace” makes this movie worthwhile to see and experience for you and your family. Don”t miss out!

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