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A Dying Man’s Last Words…A Message From the Lord

As Herbert Broome Lays On His Deathbed, This Is What He Said…

A Dying Man’s Last Words…A Message From the Lord

Hours before dying of cancer, Herbert asked to be recorded so that he could share a “message from God” to the rest of the world and this is what he said…

Please watch this video all the way through!

Before he passed away Broome got straight to the point. He didn’t have anymore time to waste and after the visitation from God, he knew how he needed to spend his final moments on the planet – by inspiring others to accept the teacher of Jesus Christ.

Broome urged all others – those by his bedside included – to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. He urged them to turn away from the lures and addictions of materialism and the ways of sin.

“If you had seen what I saw in the hospital, there would be no doubt in your mind forever, because hell is so terrible so awful. It goes as far as eternity, forever & ever. Once you’re in hell, you’re in hell.”

– Herbert Broome

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