There’s a lot going on in football right now. People are still talking about the concussion research dramatised in a blockbuster Will Smith film. Many players are performing political demonstrations on the field. Right now, it almost seems like nothing is bigger than The Philadelphia Eagles winning the Superbowl this year.

Actually, the team would disagree. They would argue that their faith is bigger than all of those things.

While the athleticism of the Philadelphia Eagles’ players surely inspires thousands, their faith is what they want to showcase. In fact, they’ve made it a centerpiece of discussion this past year.

These players have been sharing their testimonials all over the news and social media. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, check out these inspiring stories.

Marcus Johnson

In October of last year, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marcus Johnson shared his touching faith journey on his Twitter page. While surrounded by his teammates and coaches, he was formally baptized in a hotel pool.

His followers could see a moving photo of the ceremony, with Johnson standing in the pool while his colleagues held hands with their head bowed. It’s the perfect picture of reverence for their faith.

In the tweet, Johnson typed, “First time being Baptized! Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!”

He is right – it’s wonderful to see such a rich and powerful brand humbling themselves before the Lord.

Carson Wentz

The star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles is no stranger to celebrating his faith. In fact, he had an entire campaign about playing football for an “Audience of One,” his Lord and Savior. Actually, he lets this motto lead everything he does in life.

Even his teammates have picked up this mantra. Several players have worn cleats with the “AO1” phrase written on them. This is a team that lets God lead, something that is sorely needed in professional sports.

Although Wentz was unable to play in the Superbowl because of an ACL injury, that could never stop him from praising God for all the gifts he’s given his team.

Chris Maragos

Some Philadelphia Eagles players even got together to create a faith-based video that shows how their belief binds the team. Chris Maragos was one of those players.

He shares his faith journey in high school, saying, “I was really at a crossroad at that point and had to make a decision on where I was going. That’s when I gave my life to Christ, and he supplied that satisfaction and that joy for me.”

Wentz follows up Maragos’ statements to add that the team even has a Bible study night that they share. As the quarterback, he is supposed to lead his teammates, but he makes it obvious that he is only leading them through God’s will.

The Faithful Philadelphia Eagles

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