Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like when you get there? The Bible is full of surprising facts about heaven that you may not already know.

We all know that heaven is above the sky and stars and we’ll live in eternal bliss. But we’re also eager to find out more about the wonderful place of heaven that we’ll spend the rest of eternity with God.

To find out more, take a look at 5 surprising facts about heaven.

1.) You Won’t Miss Earth

Many Christians are happy on Earth. However, you can be sure that once you arrive in Heaven with God, you won’t miss your old life. Heaven is so great, that you won’t look back.

As Saint Paul says in Romans 8:18, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”.

Despite the suffering that Saint Paul underwent, the glory of heaven vastly outweighs this suffering.

2.) We Won’t Be Angels

Contrary to what many people think, when you die and go to heaven, you won’t become an angel.

Angels and human beings are created differently. This means that while you’ll spirit will rise up to heaven, you won’t be an angel.

According to Corinthians 5:8, instead we will live alongside the angels rather than become angels ourselves.

3.) You’ll Still Have Emotions

Many people believe that because in heaven there isn’t any suffering and sin, we won’t have any emotions at all. But this is untrue.

We’ll no longer experience negative emotions, such as sadness and pain. However, we will experience other emotions such as love, joy, and passion. These emotions remain an important part of heaven.

Ask yourself – how could you truly experience God without any emotions?

4.) You’ll Still Have Questions

Peter 1:12 says that even angels don’t know everything, so human beings cannot either.

Although Saint Paul states that heaven will be “revealed”, this doesn’t mean you won’t have questions anymore.

Only God is all-knowing. Therefore, we can’t also be all-knowing.

It’s true that in heaven, we’ll see clearly and understand more. But we will still be far away from knowing everything about God and heaven.

Many Christians assume that because heaven means being without sin, we’ll be all-knowing. However, importantly, living in ignorance isn’t a sin in heaven.

5.) You’ll Recognize Loved Ones

Many Christians are worried that when they go to heaven they will no longer recognize and remember loved ones. Our loved ones are very important to us and it’s difficult to imagine being happy without them.

But there’s nothing to worry about.

In fact, there is no suggestion in the Bible that you’ll lose any of your memories in heaven. We will see our loved ones again in heaven.

More Facts About Heaven

These 5 surprising facts about heaven show that heaven is a wonderful place that we can all be excited about entering.

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