Dennis Quaid has had an extremely successful career in films. He’s starred in such hits as The Rookie, Legion, The Day After Tomorrow, and Any Given Sunday. However, his latest movie is about a completely different kind of success. Not money nor fame, Quaid is using his platform to speak about his connection with God.

In fact, Quaid has reconnected with his Creator after a movie role. The movie in question is I Can Only Imagine. In the film, Quaid plays an abusive alcoholic who is a terrible father. That is until he found God and began his road to redemption. Quaid’s acting style often finds him falling deep into his character and walking in their shoes. However, he never would have imagined that such a role would reignite a spark with his faith.

Quaid’s Early Life

Before Quaid hit it big in Hollywood, he was a simple Texas boy. He was born on April 9, 1954 to parents Juanita and William Rudy Quaid. His mother was a real estate agent and his father an electrician. More importantly than their jobs, however, was that Quaid grew up in a deeply religious household with ties to the Baptist Church.

He reveled in his connection to the church community in Houston. He went to Sunday school and was baptized when he was nine years old. Quaid and his brother Randy decided to be baptized on the same day.

How Did Quaid Make it to Hollywood?

The actor’s high school years went by normally and he enrolled at the University of Houston. However, he didn’t last long in college. He soon dropped out and moved to Hollywood to pursue his dreams to make it onto the big screen. He admitted that his goal was a bit far fetched, but he also realized that he had to try.

He lived in Hollywood for several months and was struggling to find acting roles. The struggle ended when he landed a role in Breaking Away. His performance earned him critical praise and this resulted in a much larger role as the astronaut Gordon Cooper in the film The Right Stuff. After this breakout performance, Quaid found roles easily and he readily appeared in both movies and television programs.

Hollywood Changed Him for the Worse

Life in Hollywood wasn’t all glamour for the famous actor. The demons of the celebrity life soon caught up with him and he battled both eating disorders and drug addiction. Most importantly, Quaid grew far beyond the religious Texas boy that he was in his youth. God took a second place in his life as he pursued more fame and more money.

Change Came Quickly

Although struggling with demons, the actor was honest with himself and he soon sought help for his problems. He was able to regain his lost weight from anorexia and made a firm stance to push drugs far from his life. He still kept God far away from his heart, however.

That was until he traveled the globe and started a quest for self-discovery. He also wanted to discover who his Maker was. He started to wonder about God and he sought inspiration for his own struggles in the redemption of Jesus. This journey also inspired Quaid to write a song for his mother about the love of God, called “On My Way to Heaven.” The song remained unfinished for 25 years. That was until he landed the role in I Can Only Imagine.

“What moved me about finishing it really was my character of Arthur and how he found grace. That’s the beautiful thing about the good news that Jesus was talking about.”
-Dennis Quaid

The Film Changed Everything

Sometimes life inspires art, but art also inspires life on occasion. Quaid’s role in the film allowed him to finish the song before his mother’s 91st birthday. The song acts as a continuing reminder for the actor that no matter how far you stray from God, God will never stray away from you. Quaid and his newfound faith should act to inspire others who walk through life ignoring God’s message.

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