Rosie O’Donnell is known for her sassy attitude and boisterous nature. However, when she took to Twitter on Christmas Eve in protest of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Evangelist Franklin Graham had some strong words for her.

Rosie Calls Paul Ryan A “Fake Alter Boy”

It all started when Ryan posted a religious sentiment on his Twitter account about the true meaning of Christmas.

However, O’Donnell shot back with a tweet that said:

“don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell u screwed up fake altar boy.”

She went on to call him Judas, which is the disciple known for his betrayal of the Lord. The heated comments sparked much controversy in which other Twitter users jumped into the firing match.

Reverend Graham Has Strong Words For Rosie

You would never guess that Reverend Graham would come out against the former television host of “The View.” He told her that she doesn’t have the keys to hell.

Graham shut down O’Donnell’s Twitter tirade and told her to…

“clean up your mouth” and “put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.”

However, he knows who does. He went on further to say that he could tell her who was going to be there. He clarified that all the people who have rejected God’s plan of salvation, and turned their back on his standards and moral law, would fill the place. Those who refused to repent of their sins would also join the masses.

Twitter Is O’Donnell’s Outlet For Verbal Outbursts

The Twitter rampage by O’Donnell was quickly shut down by Graham. He ended his comments by telling her that she needed to put her faith and trust in Christ as well as clean up her mouth. He also encouraged her to ask forgiveness for her sins and to do it today!

This verbal outburst probably doesn’t shock you. If you have been following the news or O’Donnell, you will have noticed that this is not the only social media face-off she has been involved in lately. Just last week, she told Ben Shapiro some obscene statements I won’t even mention here.

All of this was because Shapiro stated that O’Donnell should be investigated because she offered to give Susan Collins and Jeff Flake the sum of $2 million if they would vote against the tax bill. This story was reported in The Washington Times too.

Shapiro Accused Of Making “Obscene Tweets”

Some say that Shapiro violated Twitter’s rules for abusive behavior. However, the company first stated that he did not break any such rule, but they quickly reversed their decision. So, he shared the email he received with all his followers.

The “obscene tweets” were read by millions of people. Graham was just one of the few that stood up against her. It seems that Shapiro wasn’t the only one who dares to disagree with Hollywood and their stance on the tax bill. Rather than start a war, Graham wanted to take a moment and share the gospel with O’Donnell.

Reverend Graham Silences The Queen Of Drama

“He told her that Jesus took away all her sins on the Cross. He died so that we might live. All you need to do is turn from your sin and put your faith in him.” With that comment, O’Donnell was silent.

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