Chip and Joanna Gaines have been in the spotlight lately for many reasons. They announced that their fifth season of the famous HGTV show Fixer Upper would be their last.

Due to family obligations and the grueling schedule, they decided to quit while they were ahead.

However, did the Gaines have a secret plan that they didn’t reveal until this week?

Baby Makes Seven

The Gaines are a faith-filled family that are always kidding around. They currently have four children now: Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7.

Though they’ve joked about having a fifth child on their show, they haven’t seemed too serious — until now! Joanna’s sister is also pregnant with her sixth child.

The Couple Used Instagram To Share The News

In an effort to keep their fans engaged with their life, Joanna hinted on Instagram when she posted an outlook for 2018.

Her posts just said, “be expectant.” When they finally broke the news yesterday, January 2, 2018, it was done in a manner that only Chip would come up with.
They were both dressed in cute green shirts showing off their “pot” bellies. A post with it said, “in case you haven’t noticed, we’re expecting.”

Chips Thinks #5 Is A Boy

Joanna shared her sonogram with the world. Chip believes that number five is a boy.

They gushed over the fluttering heartbeat.
Whatever God gives this fabulous duo, they will cherish and take care of. Since they already have two boys and two girls, the sex of the fifth one doesn’t matter.

How Did This Happen?

With their exhausting schedules, you might wonder how they had time to be alone. Chip let everyone know how it all went down.

It happened during a very romantic concert given by Johnny Swim in Waco. He said things were a little too romantic and one thing led to another.

Alas, the couple conceived their child that night. Leave it to Chip to share too much of a good thing.

Congratulations Chip and Jo!

If anyone deserves a bundle of joy, it’s you too.

They are already great parents, and adding one more to the mix will give them the perfect number…seven.

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