“I’m standing in my Savior’s shadow / Following his footsteps there / Every mountain, every ocean / He hears my every prayer”

The powerful verse comes from Blake Shelton’s hit “Savior’s Shadow”, the powerhouse piece that has the singer and his widespread audience reevaluating the power and strength of faith.

“Savior’s Shadow” is a departure from Shelton’s usual style. Gone are the radio-ready riffs and big band accompaniment. With only the bare bones of his band, Shelton shifts the listener’s attention to the lyrics and their meaning.

It’s an inspirational song that has a history as powerful as its lyrical story.

The first verse came to him in a dream and it held such conviction that even Shelton couldn’t shake.

“I’m standing in my Savior’s shadow / He is watching over me / I feel the rain, I hear the thunder / As he cries for me”

In the traditional sequence of dreams, Shelton could not recall the situation or muse that sparked the four lines but the melody and verse became a constant in his mind.

“Now, looking back,” Shelton told CMT. “I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK.”

He just had to get the song on paper and in the studio, so he enlisted those closest to him.

Written alongside Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall, Blake Shelton leads listeners on an instrumental journey through his faith.

“I’m not trying to get a No. 1 song out of this,” Shelton told Billboard about the song’s development. “I just feel like it needs to be shared with everybody. I feel like people need to be aware of this song for whatever it might mean to them.”

“Savior’s Shadow” is reminiscent of gospel songs of the past.

At it’s heart, it’s a simplistic song carried by melodic strums, strings, and angelic vocals echoing Shelton’s signature drawl.

At just under three minutes, the song manages to capture what the singer describes as a “dark time in my life”.

Blake Shelton has never shied from his unconditional faith, but the song shows a more vulnerable side of star who is well-known for his charming and playful banter with his colleague on The Voice, Adam Lambert.

The song was conceived during a difficult time in the singer’s life. His marriage to Miranda Lambert was on the rocks and eventually, the two announced their divorce in July 2015.

Shelton found that even surrounded by the turbulent troubles in his personal life, the song was something special.

“I feel like that song helped save my life.” Shelton smiles.

Blake Shelton isn’t the only musical act that’s feeling the power of the Holy Spirit. Last year Chris Tomlin sang a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace that moved everyone to tears.

As we enter the holiday season, it’s more important than ever to sit back, reflect, and take stock of what’s truly important.

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