Billy Graham said in 1954, that everyone has a body and everyone has a soul. However, the body that we have right now is not eternal that is only temporary. In fact, of body and soul, only the soul will go on forever.

He quotes what Jesus said in Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Many people, whether poor or rich, whether black or white, have perhaps gained a part of the world or even more. However, what Jesus was saying, is that no matter how much of the world that you may or have gained, is that the price that you are willing to pay to lose something that is eternal?

Gaining what the world has to offer is a fool’s task; it is merely money, pleasure, fame, notoriety and power. Not only is there no guarantee that you will even ever attain it, but once your body takes its’ final breath; it is all gone.

It sounds more foolish to not want those things that world offers. Although, if compared to losing your soul, which is the most precious thing every human has, are you willing to make the trade? Are you willing to be happy for however long, a temporary feeling on the earth, compared to an eternity?

Billy Graham knew what would make him the most happy. He chose to gain his soul for all eternity over what world had to offer him.

“My home is in heaven, I am just traveling through.” -Billy Graham

Billy Graham said those words throughout his life and knew that compared to the afterlife in heaven, there was nothing on earth that could tempt him away from losing his own soul.

Many people chose to live their lives in world of temporary satisfaction. But if you could chose permanent joy, would you? Gain your soul, not the world.

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