As a Christian, we often hear the saying, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

For many of us, it’s a lesson we live our life by. But for others, they have an experience that brings this lesson to life right in front of their eyes.

On July 11, 2017, members of the Sri Lanka Navy had that sort of life-changing experience.

While on routine patrol in the sea near Sri Lanka, they saw something unusual coming out of the water. As members of the Navy, they were used to seeing things that were different from the average person.

But this was a beautiful creation in a struggle for its life.

It was unlike anything they’d ever seen and it was a brief period of time that would change their lives forever.

A Startling Discovery

The Sri Lankan Navy watched as the trunk of an elephant arose from the depths of the water.

The elephant had apparently been swept out to sea and was struggling to stay alive nearly 10 miles offshore. In Sri Lanka, it is common for elephants to cross into the water during their travels. But this one must have crossed into deep waters with a current that was too strong.

But now that the elephant had been spotted, what could these men do to help it?

They Had to Act Fast

The elephant, a beautiful creation by God, was in peril and this meant that the Navy members had to act fast to save it.

Naval workers quickly coordinated a life-saving effort to save the elephant’s life. As the elephant used its trunk as a snorkel, Navy members suited up in scuba gear. They dove into the water and approached the elephant to begin the rescue effort.

Being out to sea and struggling for its life, the elephant reportedly thrashed at first. But as officials began to tie ropes around the elephant, it had a sense of calm come over it.

Saving the Elephant’s Life

The Naval workers were able to keep the elephant calm as they safely dragged it back to the shore.

But bringing an elephant to shore from the middle of the sea posed challenges. One member of the Navy rode on the elephant’s back, while some others helped to guide the boat.

The Navy contacted wildlife officials back on land. These officials were ready and waiting on shore so that they could check on the elephant for any injuries.

Once they arrived on shore, the wildlife officials confirmed that the elephant was not injured and it was released back into the wild.

God’s Divine Intervention Saves His Beautiful Creation

Members of the Sri Lankan Navy were on routine patrol to monitor the waters surrounding the island nation. But despite the miles and miles of open sea, they were in the right place at the right time to save this elephant’s life.

This is an example of how God’s divine intervention will shine through at times when we least expect it.

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