Do you believe in miracles? After reading the incredible story of how two devoted Christians were rescued from a horrific car wreck, you will! Dann and Tracey Stadler, who were literally snatched from the jaws of death, have now recounted their amazing experience in a book titled Angels in the Fire.

The married couple was returning home from celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary when their vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver who veered into their lane. They would later learn that the driver was killed instantly, but Dann and Tracey survived the crash.

Yet they were anything but unharmed. In fact, the terrified couple was trapped inside their burning vehicle, and getting out alive seemed impossible.

“Tracey was literally trapped by the engine and everything else had collapsed in on her,” said Dann.

As passersby stopped their cars, dialed 911, and began to pray for the pair, Dann reached over. He wanted to try unbuckling Tracey’s seatbelt so that she might be able to maneuver out from under the engine.

It was at that moment that flames began to engulf him.

“The whole entire car was filled with smoke,” related Tracey afterward. “I could smell the burning leather. I could smell the burning flesh. I knew that I was going to start on fire very soon because I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my lungs burning.”

Time was running out for the two. Perhaps most horrifically of all, Tracey and Dann could see the onlookers gathered just outside the vehicle — all of whom desperately wanted to rescue the couple, but were powerless to.

Or were they?

As she looked helplessly at these would-be Good Samaritans, Tracey began to pray as she had never prayed before. She knew, somehow, that they too were sending up fervent prayers.

That’s when the miracle happened. Tracey saw a “heaven-sent person in angelic form,” as she would later describe it. This divine being lifted her from the burning car and began to carry her away. Dann, too, witnessed the angel who had come to rescue his wife from certain death.

“The further we got away from the accident the more peace I felt,” explained Tracey. “There was no pain, no regret, only anticipation.”

Yet it wasn’t Tracey’s time to be called home to heaven. Instead, a human rescuer was able to enter the flaming car and extricate Tracey’s body; he later said it had been “as light as a feather.”

Dann was soon brought to safety as well. The angelic figure remained with the couple, placing healing hands over them — but while they had survived their ordeal against all odds, they were not yet healed.

It took months in the hospital, seemingly endless surgeries, and a string of trials that would test their faith. Eventually, both Stadlers did recover.

Read their harrowing, inspirational account, Angels in the Fire, for yourself. You will feel uplifted by their triumph over tragedy, inspired by the miraculous power of prayer, and awed by the goodness of God.

Have you ever experienced a miracle like the Stadlers did? Want to testify to how prayer has changed or even saved, your life? If you have read Angels in the Fire, tell us what you thought about the book. Leave a comment below!

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