Adorable Toddler Sings “Jesus Take the Wheel”

As her family drives down the road, this adorable toddler is caught in her environment singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood.

Astonishing Video Shows How “We Need God in America Again”

Take a brief walkthrough America's history with Carman to show how we truly need Jesus back in America again!

Cross Appears in Sky Above New Mexico [Video]

Clouds above New Mexico miraculously form a cross in the sky. What a beautiful reminder of Jesus and how we are to anxiously await His...

Amazing Switzerland Mountain Coaster!

Who wants to try this? It would be AMAZING to slide down this coaster (with no brakes) while viewing God's glorious mountains in the...

Animated Map Shows How 5 Religions Spread Around the World

This amazing map animation clearly shows how the top 5 largest religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam) have spread around the world over...
Josh Daniel's song brings Simon to Tears!video

This Song Is So Powerful — It Brings Simon to Tears!

While auditioning on the X Factor, Josh Daniel dedicates this emotional song to a friend that he tragically lost . . .and it brings...

Watch Celebrities Talk About God and Their Faith in Jesus

Watch and share this revealing video of many famous celebrities that openly talk about God and their faith in Christ Jesus!

Is There Actual Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Fact or Fiction? The One Minute Apologist shows us actual proof for Jesus Christ's resurrection.

The Encounter “Official Trailer” from Pure Flix

This Christian move follows five strangers stranded in the middle of nowhere who take refuge in a deserted "Last Chance" roadside diner. They all...

Jeanne Robertson Hilariously Explains Why Old People Shouldn’t Bungee Jump

Christian comedian, Jeanne Robertson shares a hilarious story of her and her husband (left brain) and their "naked" Bungee jump misadventure while vacationing in Canada.
Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?video

Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

Ever wondered if you can lose your salvation? This short and telling video by the "One Minute Apologist" will answer this essential Christian question.

Jessica Rey’s Talk on Bikini’s and Modesty Will Blow Your Mind

Jessica Rey's short talk at about the "Evolution of the Women's Swim Suit" is revealing and mind-blowing to say the least. I recommend every young...

Tim Hawkins: Boys Vs. Girls

Hilarious Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins talks about the differences between boys and girls.

This Emotional Performance By Kelly Clarkson Left Everyone In Tears

Kelly Clarkson's father abandoned her when she was only six years old. She wrote and performs an emotional tribute to her daughter called, "Piece by...

Abused Baby in Coma Wakes Up After Church Prayer

In 2009 an abusive babysitter put this precious baby in coma for over 6 months. The mother takes her now 8 month old baby...
Watch This Video Of A 4-Year-Old Girl Saved By Jesus Himself!video

Four-Year-Old Girl Rescued By Jesus Himself!

An SUV driver runs into the side of a music store where a little four-year-old girl, named Elise was sitting on the floor playing...

Kids Accepted Jesus & It Changed Everything — And It Will for You, Too!

Watch this video of these broken children who accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts -- and now they experience TRUE LIFE and so can you!