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Watch the latest cute videos that showcase adorable animals, kids, babies, and more! Like and Share these viral videos with your family and friends -- they are guaranteed to make you smile!

Watch How Adorable This Fluffy Puppy Asks Permission to Snuggle

Watch how this adorable fluffy Samoyed puppy named, Phoebe politely asks permission to snuggle with her owner before jumping up on the couch! Proverbs 12:10 ESV "Whoever...

Mom thought they were cooking breakfast, but her heart melts when...

A mother thought they were cooking pancakes but the she finds her husband and daughter slow dancing in the kitchen to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking...

A Soldier Surprised His Girl With This Proposal… And Knocked It...

On Military Appreciation day, Blake surprised his softball-playing fiancé, Emily with a once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal she never saw coming! Her reaction is priceless!

This Dog Will Leave You STUNNED — I Still Can’t Believe...

Watch this UNBELIEVABLE video of this talented dog show off all his commands and tricks. God has created some amazing and wonderful creatures to...

Try Not to Laugh at These Super Cute Kids!

Watch this America's Funniest Home Videos compilation of these SUPER cute kiddos!

This Kid Has the Cutest Reaction to a Scary Story!

Watch how this son reacts to his mother reading him a scary's priceless!

How This Polite Momma Raccoon Asks For Food Is ADORABLE!

After Rocksy the raccoon raids the cat food bowl she has a unique way to get the attention of a nearby neighbor when she...

Baby Goat’s Lesson on Hopping Will Jump Into Your Heart

Watch this adorable baby pygmy goat named "Johnnie" who spends all his time in the house with his owner learning how to jump! TOO CUTE!

AFV’s Wonderful Compilation of Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies

Take a break and watch this AMAZINGLY CUTE montage of dogs interacting with babies on America's Funniest Home Videos!

Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted in the Wild is Super Cute!

Watch this video of a rare pink dolphin with red eyes and pink skin due to the albinism. This adorable dolphin was spotted in the wild...
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