Comedy Videos

Watch hand-pick Christian comedy videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Funny Compilation of Kids Getting Baptized

Watch this HILARIOUS and video compilation of various kids getting baptized. You may not want to show this to your kids before getting baptized! 1...

This Student Fell Asleep in Class. You Won’t Believe What The...

Watch this HILARIOUS video of a teacher who decided to pull a prank on his student, Michael who routinely falls asleep in class after every...

Funny Bird Sings ‘The Addams Family’ Theme Song

Watch as this HILARIOUS cockatiel whistles the theme song of 'The Addams Family' but instead of clapping he does this with his beak! Psalm 126:2-3...

Jeanne Robertson “Grandma Freddie’s Trip to the Holy Land”

Watch this hilarious video about Grandmother Freddie's trip to the Holy Land and the SHOCKING truth Jeanne discovered!

Dads Left Alone with Babies

Watch this hilarious compilation of what dads actually do when they are left home alone with the babies!

Jeanne Robertson: “Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store!”

Watch this knee-slapping video of Jeanne Robertson as she hilariously explains why you don't send a man to the grocery store!

Chip and Joanna Gaines Hilarious Fixer Upper Outtakes!

These HILARIOUS outtakes from HGTV Fixer Upper stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines will have you rolling on the floor!

Everyone Loses It When They Hear Home-Schooled Teen’s Hilarious Song

Watch this hilarious audio of 18-year-old Ryan Beard who charms the America's Got Talent audience with numerous original song entitle "Ladies Man".

Comedian Describes The Epic Battle Between Mothers and Teen Daughters

Comedian Jeanne Robertson makes everyone burst out laughing listening to this epic tale of a mother vs teenage daughters! Enjoy!

Hilarious Musical Parody About Cleaning Up After Kids

Tired of cleaning up after your kids? Watch the laugh-out-loud video made by the Holderness Family called "Clean It Up Yourself"...Enjoy!