Comedy Videos

Watch hand-pick Christian comedy videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Stephen Colbert Cleverly Asks Joel Osteen a Burning Question — You...

At 3:16 in Stephen Colbert on 'The Late Show' cleverly asks Joel Osteen a question that many people want to know. The answer that Joel...

Dog Has Funniest Reaction to Baby’s Dirty Deed

Hey when you gotta...go you gotta go. This saying is true for both the baby and the dog! Watch this dog's funny reaction when his...

Boy’s Epic Staredown Battle Has ESPN Anchors Keeling Over in Laughter

Watch this HILARIOUS video of a little boy in the crowd who stares down one of the ESPN cameras on live tv that has...

Man SHOCKS the Crowd With a Performance of ‘YMCA’ on America’s...

Watch as 54-year-old Christopher performs a unique and hilarious solo act recreating the Village People's YMCA on America's Got Talent and makes Howie Mandel...

Baby Laughs Hysterically at Mom Trying to Crack Open a Coconut!

Watch this ADORABLE baby named Sixten who laughs uncontrollably at his mother when she tries to crack open a coconut...He can't stand it!

Funny Church Signs That Will Make You Laugh!

Don't be so serious! Watch this HILARIOUS video of these funny and creative Church signs that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

These Twin Babies Talking to Each Other Are Hysterical!!!

You gotta watch THIS hysterical video of these two twin babies talking to each other in their own baby language.

Funny Prayer About Getting Old

Initially I thought this was going to be a normal prayer... then this "little old lady" with quick whit and comedic started talking about getting...

Jeanne Robertson Has Hilarious Case of Mistaken Identity

Watch Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson tell her laugh-out-loud story about mistaken identity entitled, "Thank You For Serving" that will leave you rolling on the ground!

Greatest Mommy Pranks and Mommy Fails — Ever!

Being a mommy isn't always easy and can sometimes be downright dangerous as your about to see! Enjoy the fails, flops and funniest mommy...