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Watch hand-pick Christian comedy videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Dog Has Funniest Reaction to Baby’s Dirty Deed

Hey when you gotta...go you gotta go. This saying is true for both the baby and the dog! Watch this dog's funny reaction when his...

Do Christians Have Cuss Words? Apparently So… And Tim Hawkins Made...

Watch this HILARIOUS video of Tim Hawkins reciting a list of over 100 "quality" Christian cuss word alternatives that he and his Facebook fans...

Funny Compilation of Kids Getting Baptized

Watch this HILARIOUS and video compilation of various kids getting baptized. You may not want to show this to your kids before getting baptized! 1...

Everyone Loses It When They Hear Home-Schooled Teen’s Hilarious Song

Watch this hilarious audio of 18-year-old Ryan Beard who charms the America's Got Talent audience with numerous original song entitle "Ladies Man".

Funny Bird Sings ‘The Addams Family’ Theme Song

Watch as this HILARIOUS cockatiel whistles the theme song of 'The Addams Family' but instead of clapping he does this with his beak! Psalm 126:2-3...

Man SHOCKS the Crowd With a Performance of ‘YMCA’ on America’s...

Watch as 54-year-old Christopher performs a unique and hilarious solo act recreating the Village People's YMCA on America's Got Talent and makes Howie Mandel...

This EPIC “Walking on Water” Prank STUNS Everyone!

Watch this EPIC prank of a man who pretends to text on his phone and accidentally walks into this deep lake...But instead of sinking...

Baby Laughs Hysterically at Mom Trying to Crack Open a Coconut!

Watch this ADORABLE baby named Sixten who laughs uncontrollably at his mother when she tries to crack open a coconut...He can't stand it!

Hilarious Video Shows Granny Getting Stuck In Muddy Field!

Sara Coull is a grandmother-of-four who was out tending to her horses who became an internet sensation after getting herself hilariously stuck in the mud!

Comedian Describes The Epic Battle Between Mothers and Teen Daughters

Comedian Jeanne Robertson makes everyone burst out laughing listening to this epic tale of a mother vs teenage daughters! Enjoy!
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