Bible Questions Answered

Get your Bible questions answered by watching these amazing videos of commonly asked Christian questions!

What Are Demons And What Do They Do?

Watch this curious "Question of the Day" that describes what demons are and what they are capable to doing to Christians and non-believers.

Why Does God Allow Abuse?

How could a loving God allow abuse to happen? Why can't God stop all this madness? This undeserving and unfortunate part of life digs deep within...

Is Getting a Tattoo Sinful?

Watch this eye-opening video by Jefferson Bethke that tackles this tough question about whether or not it's a sin for you to get a tattoo.

What is Unbiblical Church Music?

What is true God honoring worship music? The answer is sure to shock most people! This video will address: Are we singing or just being...

You Will NEVER View Your Bible the Same Way

Watch "God Wrote a Book" . . . a powerful and "eye-opening" video about what the Bible really is. I promise, you will NEVER view...

Skit Guys Answer: What is Palm Sunday?

The Skit Guys are two funny guys who hilariously explain the history and significance of Palm Sunday. Enjoy!

Billy Graham – What Is the Secret to Happiness?

Do you REALLY want to know the secret to happiness? Watch this TIMELESS message of TRUTH by Billy Graham filmed on Nov 4th 1986 in Tallahassee...

Do You TRULY Know the Lord? Does He TRULY Know You?

Are you genuinely saved? Watch this POWERFUL sermon by Paul Washer that will pierce the secret chambers of your heart to reveal if you TRULY know...

Has God Already Chosen Who Will Be Saved?

Did God elect who would be saved and who would be the objects of His wrath? Do we still have a choice? Who are the elect...

Should Christians Take Antidepressants?

If you take depression medication are you not relying on God? Watch this helpful video by John Piper that clearly answers this tough question...
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