One of the great things about Cam Newton is his tradition of giving the ball away to a random fan in the stands after he scores a touchdown. In one of his most recent giveaway, Newton had no idea what this little boy had been going through.

6-year-old Colin Toler had just lost his dad and was having a hard time dealing with it. Colin and his dad were supposed to attend a football game together before he died. However, his dad passed away before this could become a reality. Colin was attending the game with both of his grandfathers when this even took place.

Photo: SB Nation

Julius Peppers almost stopped this event from happening. After Newton scored a touchdown, Peppers snatched the ball from his hand and threw it across the field. A concerned Newton ran after the ball in order to continue on with his tradition. Colin was completely overjoyed when Newton handed him the ball. Colin quickly knew that he would most likely end up on TV or the big screen.

Photo: SB Nation

This goes to show just how important the tradition Newtown carries on truly is. This heartwarming story shows us that the smallest good deeds really do make a big difference. It is almost as if Colin’s father was looking down on him from above. This heartwarming story is sure to go down as one of the classic good deeds in football. This will hopefully encourage other football players to focus less on themselves and more on their fans.

While this sport is getting more self-centered, it is very refreshing to see that there are still stars who are very connected with their fans. Newton sets a great example that many other players can look up to. Little Colin reminds us all that there is still light during the hard times. If we all just believe in the good, we can overcome the hardest adversities that face us.

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